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What Is In Bulletproof Coffee to boost energy? Start your mornings with a clear head. Leave the foggy mornings behind by starting a new morning routine.

Over ten years, a lot of work has gone into work researching how to produce the healthiest cup of coffee—using only the most nutritious of ingredients with literally no harsh chemicals.

Are you ready to find out what goes into the healthiest cup of coffee? For optimal body and mental health, let’s get started!

Update: Bulletproof Coffee Biodegradable Coffee Pods

Update notification – Bulletproof coffee launches its new coffee pods on May 12. Environmentally friendly pods, unlike the original plastic pods and k-cups, these biodegradable pods will not harm the environment. Coffee pods make it easier for your morning energy boost. For those of us running late in the morning, brew a cup to take with you.

Bulletproof coffee is always taking strides to improve healthy and environmental issues. I wanted to share this update with you as I thought it would be necessary for my readers to know. More companies should work towards lowering their impact on the environment, as Bulletproof coffee has done.

Sorry for the interruption you may continue reading. I hope you enjoy the rest of the review.

What Is In Bulletproof Coffee For Healthier Body and Mind

Three main ingredients in producing BulletProof Coffee are Grass-Fed Ghee, MCT Oil, and of course, Great Quality Coffee Beans.

  1. Grass-Fed Ghee – using butter (Ghee) from grass-fed cows is essential in providing higher Omega-3 fatty acids. As with grain-fed, cows do not produce nearly as many omega-3’s. Our bodies naturally produce these fatty acids. Adding other sources of these essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids through our diet helps improve our optimal health benefits. Fatty Acids such as EPA and ALA serve as the building block for our cell membranes. Healthy energy for the heart, muscles, and many other organs in the body and storing energy in our bodies.
  2. Brain Octane MCT Oil – goes through a three-part distillation process using only heat, pressure, and water for a 100% chemical and solvent-free finished product.
  3. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee – is lab tested to meet the strict quality specifications set by Bulletproof Coffee company. Only the highest quality coffee beans picked from a high altitude single-origin estate in Guatemala make the purist coffee for the finished product.

Meticulous processing, purity standards, attention to detail are in place for all ingredients used to provide a high-quality, healthy product. Now you know What Is In Bulletproof Coffee, let’s learn more about the founder and the company.

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What About Bulletproof The Company

Dave Asprey founded the company in 2004. After going on a trek at 18,000 ft in Tibet, he found himself mentally and physically exhausted in sub-zero temperatures. A local had given him a creamy yak butter tea.

That tea boosted his energy and made him think about how the rest of the world could benefit from something like that. Dave began researching and develop Bulletproof Coffee Company.

Give thanks to Dave’s adventurous spirit otherwise we would not have Bulletproof today.

Bulletproof claims to have a scientific approach to nutrition and the well-being of the human body. It is high octane fuel needed to get you through the rigors of your day, providing physical and mental stamina. If you have trouble waking up, you will find the required energy from a cup of Bulletproof coffee. The pure omega-3 rich ingredients that go into it get you out of that morning fog quickly.

What separates Bulletproof from many others?

Their vision and goal are to maintain a high-quality standard, producing great-tasting quality products. They have close relationships with the coffee growers and product manufacturers to keep the highest quality ingredients focusing on soy-free, gluten-free products with no artificial fillers—only the healthiest products to maximized optimum health.

It is a Keto diet and Paleo diet friendly so it will not interrupt your dieting.

When buying Bulletproof Coffee, it is reassuring that they go above and beyond to provide us with a premium quality health-boosting product.

A Subscription Makes It Easy To Get Started

It is simple to get started with a new morning routine. Bulletproof Coffee Company has made it so simple. You go to their website, choose what plan you would like, and they send it right to your door.

Are you ready to get a fresh, energized start to your day? Click here to get your first order of Bulletproof Coffee.

Feel great and energized after your morning cup of coffee. No more groggy days!

You won’t be disappointed!

That will conclude today’s review  What Is In Bulletproof Coffee. I hope you found it helpful in your quest to learn more about the product.

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2 thoughts on “Bulletproof Coffee Review”

  1. Hi Thomas

    Great review.

    I too have a passion for coffee, although I really cannot seem to enjoy Bullet proof coffee – well at least my own mixture.  

    Perhaps I am using the wrong ingredients but it really didn’t taste very nice.

    I see that this product uses grass fed ghee which is super important for the quality and the MCT is of a high standard and no added chemicals due to the way it is processed. The fact that the coffee beans come from a high altitude would make them delicious and healthy.

    I wonder if you can get this product in South Africa?

    Best wishes


    • Hi, Sheen,

      Bulletproof coffee isn’t for everyone. I drink it a couple of times a month but no more than that. I like it for the taste. It is rich and creamy, and it does surprisingly give me lots of energy when I go hiking. 

      The BulletProof company is very health-conscious, and they produce a great healthy product.

      I looked up the shipping policy for you, and it seems that they do not ship to South Africa yet. You can take a look at Bulletproof shipping policy here.

      These are the countries they currently ship to,

      Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, and United Kingdom

      Maybe if you have a friend in one of these countries, you could have them order it to ship it to you that way.


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