What Are The Best Quality Coffee Makers

The Best Coffee Maker for your home? 

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Espresso Machine

That is the question you will need to ask yourself before making your next coffee maker purchase. What are the best quality coffee makers?

My personal Preference for What The Best Coffee Maker is the Jura Ena Micro 9 shown in the right image. I first experienced this automatic coffee machine at a friend’s house, and it made the absolute best cup of coffee espresso. It is costly, though, ranging from $899 – $1,200. It is well worth the money if you justify the price.

Here is a Jura Ena Micro 9 Review if interested.

My budget-friendly option is the Bialetti 6 cup stovetop Moka Espresso pot. It takes a few more minutes to brew a cup of coffee, but it also produces a great cup. This stovetop option is much more affordable at $26.

These two options are my favorites to date. I plan to try others in the months ahead as I am always looking for the next best cup of coffee.

So Many Great Coffee Makers to Choose

Today it is incredibly difficult to make a purchase for a coffee maker with so many brands to choose from.

Cuisinart 14 cup programmable

Keurig’s k575 2.0

Bunn Velocity 10 cup carafe brewer

Hamilton Beach 12 cup digital brewer

Mr. Coffee programmable.

A poll or surveys tally these conducted online. It is uncertain to know how these results are collected. I honestly do not rely on works of this sort. After all, how can they count so many products with such a wide range of options? You have to consider a minimum of 20 different types of coffee brewers produce and many different versions of each.

If you search for a French Press on Amazon, you will find many different types and styles. That is the case for most. Like the Keurig 2.0, the single-cup has over 20 company’s alone that make a single-serve machine to use with K-Cups. Then there are the Pod machines, Drip makers, Percolators, the programmable, the automatic machines like the Jura that do it all for you.

Below I have added a consumer video: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-coffee-ma…

It gives a few details and a comparison of options – Pro’s & Con’s

Choose one of many different drip coffee makers in the video above. They are just drip models. The producers of the video also have many other videos rating other types of brewing machines and makers. If you have the time, it is interesting to see other types of coffee makers and their different features.

What was your first coffee maker?

Looking back, I remember my first coffee maker was free. A long time ago, Gevalia gourmet coffee comparative away free coffee makers to new members who signed up for their mail-order coffee. The maker they would send with your first shipment of coffee was a 12 cup drip pot. If I remember correctly, I had it for a couple of years before discovering the French Press.

Gevalia is pretty good coffee that you can now find in most big grocery stores around America. I am not sure if they still have mail-ordered coffees or not. As I said, it was a long time ago.

These days I tend to use an espresso maker or french press for a bolder cup of coffee.

I do not see myself going back to a drip pot. Eventually, my most significant decision will be which coffee maker I will want to use in the mornings. I have been planning to upgrade to the Jura ENA Micro 9 soon, still looking for the best deal before I make the plunge.

I hope you have enjoyed my right up here, I know it is short, but I hope you understand the point I am trying to get out there. There are too many types of coffee makers to choose from on the market today.

As I continue to research more about coffee both online and during my travels, I will keep you posted on what I learn about.

I will love to hear from you if you have your opinion about a great coffee maker and what model you use. You may leave a message below in the comments area.

To a coffee cup that is always half full, from my table to yours.

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