What About Keurig Green Mountain

keurig green mountian teams with dr pepper and snapple Keurig Green Mountain, who are they as a company?

As a company in such a huge market of beverages, they stand alone as a leader and innovator. What about Keurig Green Mountain makes them stand out from the Folders, Maxwell House and even Starbucks. Their main focus is to make every customer a happy one, by providing and producing the finest quality coffee and brewing machines on the market.

Partnership for success

KGM (Keurig Green Mountain) has partnered with 60 different companies to help in their pursuit of customer satisfaction. Having joined forces with so many other companies allows for a bigger and better selection of nearly 400 varieties. It also opens new doors for these beverage companies to pursue in the K-cup market, teas and coffees, hot or cold. These partnerships are stabilizing the market for everyone to share. The best part now the consumer can still enjoy there favorite brands with Keurig machine.  Many of the coffee manufacturing companies have started making single-serve brewers also, so it remains a win, win for everyone.

A Great Employer

As I former employee, I know first hand. As an employee at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters as it was called when I worked there, you are encouraged to learn and advance within the company. They are open to ideas for improvement from any employee, if a person working in the distribution center notice a problem with a machine when walking through production on his way to the break room and that person suggested a way to fix it they would be happy to try and give credit where credit is due.

It really is a great place to work.

Environmental Impact

Green Mountain appreciates and takes care of the local environments in which they do business. They have reduced waste to landfills by 85%, that is very impressive. They have 51% involvement from employees that volunteer over 57 thousand hours a year company-wide. To this day they strive for there success in sustainability responsibilities and ambition looking to the future. Below I have added a video to show and explain a little more of how much they really do for the world.

Watch the video below and find out a few interesting facts.

As you watched the video above, you can understand what makes Keurig Green Mountain such a great company. They do so much for so many around the world and they produce great coffee.

Best coffee companies in the world.

They are on the list of top coffee roasters in the world. Not just for great quality coffee’s, also for there social responsibilities they have engaged in around the world and their local communities.

What About Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Fair Trade, Green Mountain is the leader in conveying the importance of fair trade and helping the farmers in producing countries earn a livable wage. They import over 50 million pounds of organic fair-trade coffee a year.

I am not sure if you understand how that help the farmers and their communities. Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee eliminates the middle man and brings together the buyer to the farmer. By doing so it will pay about .50 cents a pound, which .20 cents will

go to community development and the remainder.30 cents will go to the farmer. Green Mountain alone imports about 24% of all fair-trade coffee in the country, with about 140 million pounds imported a year that will bring fair trade premiums earning for the farmer and the communities they live in about $17 million. They are about to build schools, medical facilities and equipment to improve the quality of there coffee farms.

There Purpose

Their purpose is to create the greatest experience in all aspects of a cup of coffee from the farmers growing it to the consumers drinking. Transforming and leading away into a world of business that is more informed and more socially responsible.

There Mission

To have their products in every household and expand the brand around globally. To bring there many different beverages to all types of occasions to be enjoyed as friends, loved ones, coworkers and communities.

The Values they have held true

Partnerships for success mutually, having no boundaries for collaborations that equals success for all.

To innovate courageously with the curiosities and passion to redefining and forever improving on the customer experience.

Play to win attitude as the team sets ambitious goals to never back down from a challenge and always push through to be unified with purpose and character. Use the power of business to make the world a better place and to enjoy life one sip at a time.


keurig and green mountain coffee roasters logo imageGreen Mountain Keurig is a leader in specialty coffee, coffee makers, teas and other beverages. Keurig remains to be an award-winning company recognized for the social responsibility to communities and growers around the world. They can brew a better world one cup at a time.

If you are interested in purchasing their product’s you may go to their product page on Amazon.

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To a mug that is always Half Full.


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