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My goal as a web author here at whatisincoffee.com is to bring you the latest coffee facts and news around the world also information on Coffee Makers and reviews

I have written  “Keurig Green Mountain Review”. I use to work there and I enjoy drinking their coffee and their support for Fair Trade coffee growers.

Here is a sample of what you can look forward to here on the web’s best coffee blog. I will bring you informative news and facts from both the past and present and how the coffee industry has evolved over the years into what we experience on a daily basis now.

So here we go with a little news from your newest resource whatisincoffee.com

Jab Holdings Buy’s Out Keurig

I must admit, in the past few years, they have taken a turn for the worst in my opinion. Teaming up with soup companies. They were a great coffee company, as the focus has turned towards other ventures to broaden their scope of uses for the Keurig brewer they have lost touch with the great coffee they use to produce.

They still do make a pretty good cup of coffee and them still one of the bigger importers of Fair Trade Coffee’s, so I am happy about that. I wish they could haven’t become so much like the other international corporations that start out doing great things and then become so much more focus on growth and profit’s that they forget who they were when they started.

I never thought Green Mountain Coffee Roasters would ever become one of the company’s I would dislike. We will have to wait and see what happens to them now they have been bought out for nearly $14 billion by the JAB Holdings. Which Jab says they will keep all management in place and run GMCR Keurig as a stand-alone company.

Time will tell, what is in store for the company that’s changed the way Americans Drink Coffee. I plan to give a full write up soon on all the current news about the buyout and the future of Keurig. I hope you will come back to visit soon.

Other Coffee News and Interesting Fact’s

I hope you will enjoy my writings here, I aim to please all my readers. I will cover other topics in the world of coffee. I research new topics every week, to bring you up to date communications. For example, for the super bowl, I wrote about Starbucks Frappuccino for the Seahawks.

Do you know what they say? If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life, I love what I do here.

I enjoy researching and writing about coffee because I am able to share the information with folks like you and I can learn more about my favorite beverage. After all, did you know in just the United States only there are more than 500 million cups of coffee drank every day? Interesting facts like that are cool I think.

Here is another interesting fact about coffee. 50 years before Starbucks, President Teddy Roosevelt’s family imported coffee and opened the first coffee house chain in New York’s midtown Manhattan in 1919. It was called the Brazilian Coffee House.  Later the name was changed to the Double R Coffee House before they sold it for other interests in 1928.

Maxwell House Coffee - good to the last drop

The old saying from Maxwell House coffee “Good to the Last Drop” was supposedly what Teddy R. said after drinking a cup on a company tour. So it stuck and is still used to this day.

It’s fun to find bits of history related to famous people and coffee.

Every day I learn something new and I will be more than happy to share it with you and your friends.

I welcome any opinions or questions you may have to share, you may add them at the bottom of any page on this site.

Thank you for stopping, please take a few minutes to read my post.

Let me know what you think, your opinion matter.

I look forward to a caffeinated future, won’t you join me.

Share with your friends, if you have a blog or website I would love to check it out and spread the word for you as well.

Be sure to enjoy every day one sip at a time.

Thank you, from whatisincoffee.com


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