What Is In Coffee

You may be wondering about the structural and chemical components of coffee. I have done some research on the topic and below I share my results and opinions of What Is In Coffee. How it can be beneficial for your health in a positive way and how it can affect your health in a negative way. I hope you are able to click away from this posting having learned something new about the world’s most consumed beverage. Let’s get started?

Chemical Breakdown Of The Coffee Bean

There are four common chemical compounds found in the structure of coffee beans listed and explained below. Note: do to the complexity of scientific terms I will keep it simplified, I will also attach a link to the sources to where I had found the information below.

  1. Nicotinic Acid – comm4 natural chemicals found in coffee whatisincoffee.comonly known as Niacin is found in coffee and is an essential vitaminB3 in the right doses it is known to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol also helping the body repair DNA and supports energy levels in the metabolism and other organ cells. Niacin has been proven to have positive effects on the pancreas, liver, cell function, and improved brain functions with calming effects. Want to know more link to the source page.
  2. N-Methylnicotinic acid – also known as Trigonelline which is an Alkaloid. In many plant species, Trigonelline is synthesized from Nicotinic Acid and accumulates in the seeds of leguminous plants such as garden peas, hemp, oats, potatoes and Coffea sp. (coffee bean fruit) higher levels of Trigonelline are found in Arabica Coffees. Links to the source pages One and Two.
  3. Furan – is found in many foods and drinks do to the methods in which they are produced. Furan is a highly volatile compound luckily it is reduced in the preparation of coffee roasting, grinding, packaging, brewing, and storage methods. Furan is an organic compound, consisting of five members of an aromatic ring with four carbon atoms and one oxygen. Furans aromatic as one of the lone pairs of electrons on the oxygen atom are delocalized in the ring, creating an aromatic system giving us the aroma that we enjoy from roasting and brewing. Furan is used in vast many ways to read more.
  4. Trimethylxanthine – we know it as Caffeine which happens to be the world’s most widely used legal psychoactive substance. Found in many plants in tropic and sub-tropic regions the same regions best known for growing coffee. Caffeine has both good health and bad health effects on the body. It is good for waking us up and stimulating our brains, if consumed too much in a day it can make us feel anxious and upset our digestive systems. More information here.

There you have a summary of the four chemical components of the coffee bean. You can always find more information yourself by following the links provide or just Googling, there is a lot of out there as I find more useful I will update and share it here. Next, I would like to get you engaged in this by sharing what you know about coffee. I will now briefly discuss my opinion and thoughts about coffee and the health effects it has on us every day.

Daily Coffee Consumption and How It Effects Us

coffee consumption how much do your drink whatisincoffee.comI am going to share my daily consumption of coffee and how it makes me feel on a regular basis and I would like for you to share your experience as well if you like in the comments area below.

Depending on the day I mostly enjoy dark roast coffees sometimes black sometimes with cream, never do I add sugar. I will have on average 2 to 3 cups and they give me just enough stimulation to keep me going, I noticed if I have more than 2 or 3 cups a day it will often-times give me an upset stomach and some times I will get jittery from too much caffeine. How many cups do you have on an average day?

Knowing the natural chemicals found in coffee helps to understand why it effect us in the way it does. I also know that there are a lot of coffee companies that add extra chemicals to enhance the flavors, higher caffeine levels, and shelf life. The more chemicals added to the coffee beans over the processing period add to more ways it can effect us in a bad way.

How To Avoid The Chemicals and Make Coffee Better

How can we avoid too many harmful chemicals in our daily cups of coffee? Many of the chemicals added to coffee from by humans in such quantities that aren’t really harmful to us but they aren’t better. If you look at what we consume on a daily basis through eating and breathing the air we are consuming many chemicals in the way of air pollution and food additives, why do we want to add even more to the toxins?

The one way we can avoid more chemicals entering our bodies is by sourcing the right coffee. Coffee handled and processed without the adding of chemicals. Organic, small-batch, direct from the growing type coffees are probably the best choice. I have written an article on this type of coffee where you are joined together with small coffee farmers around the world with the goal of cutting out the middle-men and you are able to buy your coffee directly from the people who grow it.

The article isn’t just about sourcing great quality coffee it is also about supporting coffee growing and helping them to live a more sustainable life. Check it out Thrive Farmer – Coffee With A Story

If you have ever had coffee at Chick-Fil-A you have had the Thrive Farmer Coffee mentioned. Finding a good cup of coffee is hard finding a cup without many chemicals added is even more difficult. There are other things we can do to make our coffee a bit more healthy for us.

How To Make Our Coffee More Healthy

This is something that people have been blinded by Starbucks the worlds leader in horrible coffee. Yeah if you go into the place mentioned you will not find one good cup of coffee that is not loaded with sugary fillings, like caramel, chocolate, a drizzle of this and that and a big dentist bill.

Remember I mentioned I never add sugar to my coffee, well it is true and most of the time I drink my coffee black because I want it to be healthier without any added bad stuff. Coffee isn’t bad for us it is the stuff we add to our coffee that is bad for us and some-how society forgot all the junk that we put in it and say it is bad for us. The next time you get a coffee at home or out pay attention to what you put into it out of habit to make it taste better.

Find a better quality coffee with natural good flavors and you will not have to add the junk.

That is it for today, I hope you got some useful information today. Bookmark this page for future updates as I will be adding to this page and the website often as I find new information while researching.

Check Thrive Farmer – Coffee With A Story

Have a great day, Thomas

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